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2019 Rankings

Technician Rankings as of 7/31/2019

1Climate Control Heating & Cooling IncMicah M.$909,020.09
2George BrazilBrian P.$856,117.22
3Russell's Heating & CoolingJustin S.$838,670.34
4George BrazilMykel S.$755,820.14
5First Choice A/C & Heating Inc.Silvester S.$755,719.68
6George BrazilChris E.$752,928.17
7Kale Heating & Air ConditioningJoe H.$743,899.26
8Wooldridge Heating Air ElectricalTim T.$705,950.00
9Reliable AirEdgar A.$691,178.69
10Wooldridge Heating Air ElectricalJonathan T.$680,318.50
11George BrazilKelley O.$678,210.00
12George BrazilHarlan F.$674,358.23
13Happy Home Heating & CoolingAlex R.$672,391.12
14Russell's Heating & CoolingBerto A.$652,344.25
15Kellam MechanicalChris C.$650,063.42
16George BrazilLance D.$643,953.92
17George BrazilDerek A.$643,596.13
18Wooldridge Heating Air ElectricalWendell W.$631,561.50
19Harris Air Service LLCAustin D.$612,646.07
20Mack Morris Heating & Air ConditioningBrandon L.$586,373.62
21Mitchell Itak, Inc.Larry S.$577,957.13
22George BrazilMike F.$558,948.23
23George BrazilTodd R.$549,639.59
24Kellam MechanicalMorgan B.$522,619.77
25George BrazilRusty E.$519,002.43
26George BrazilTerry F.$518,281.01
27Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning CompanyAaron B.$515,339.00
28Patrick RileyGarrett D.$503,193.38
29DuncoJason F.$500,599.07
30Crossville Heating and Cooling Inc.Barry T.$500,067.54
31Liberty Mechanical Inc. Heating and Air ConditioningJake P.$498,829.11
32Wooldridge Heating Air ElectricalCaleb H.$484,326.00
33Kellam MechanicalChris Y.$475,952.40
34George BrazilManny D.$464,721.18
35E & E Plumbing and HeatingStephen H.$464,049.36
36Dale's Heating & Air Inc.Andrew B.$461,398.21
37Wally Falke's Heating and Air ConditioningJaime T.$456,710.39
38Kellam MechanicalTerrence B.$454,226.36
39George BrazilMike J.$448,611.52
40Peck Heating and Air ConditioningJohn H.$447,831.97
41AnonymousTravis P.$435,267.83
42Aqua Plumbing & Air Services, Inc.Mark R.$434,807.92
43Comfort NowIsrael L.$430,745.68
44George BrazilRoy H.$430,066.08
45Blair Heating & AirRay C.$422,905.00
46AnonymousBrandon B.$421,961.90
47Blair Heating & AirJustin B.$419,510.00
48Reliable AirLuis M.$419,408.12
49Waychoff's Heating & A/CErick D.$412,675.50
50E & E Plumbing and HeatingThad M.$407,748.00
51George BrazilCaleb H.$403,488.50
52Climate Control Heating & Cooling IncDon C.$394,053.85
53AnonymousAustin R.$393,431.23
54Happy Home Heating & CoolingCorey W.$393,233.29
55DuncoSteve T.$392,166.84
56Wally Falke's Heating and Air ConditioningJose B.$390,540.58
57George BrazilRose M.$389,555.90
58George BrazilSean O.$388,760.42
59AnonymousBrandon P.$388,392.53
60McCoys Heating & Air Inc.JM M.$377,277.50
61A/C Masters, Inc.Robert A.$377,202.64
62George BrazilHank W.$374,269.06
63George BrazilLuis L.$367,226.96
64Daniell Heat & AirBeth M.$360,276.28
65AnonymousPaul D.$358,364.18
66Anonymousgeorge K.$356,242.00
67Santa Fe AirMark W.$355,171.29
68J & J Heating & AirCarlos R.$353,921.50
69Comfort NowManny B.$353,202.93
70Reliable AirMitchell W.$351,870.51
71AnonymousLandon R.$350,893.40
72Waychoff's Heating & A/CTyler P.$335,158.50
73AnonymousBrandon B.$334,483.41
74George BrazilBryan W.$333,234.78
75Horne Heating and Air ConditioningBobby S.$331,797.32
76Horne Heating and Air ConditioningAustin H.$318,634.39
77George BrazilJason G.$317,096.85
78Crossville Heating and Cooling Inc.Jesse B.$316,163.31
79AnonymousChristopher F.$315,455.49
80Mitchell Itak, Inc.Julian J.$312,519.44
81Universal Heating & Cooling Inc.Mike T.$312,282.40
82Mack Morris Heating & Air ConditioningScott S.$310,772.53
83Comfort NowScott A.$308,922.51
84Kellam MechanicalDean A.$305,557.63
85AnonymousManuel G.$304,485.03
86AnonymousSean T.$304,124.00
87Happy Home Heating & CoolingMichael V.$303,468.31
88Waychoff's Heating & A/CScott O.$301,904.20
89Nicholsons Heating and AirJason K.$300,775.77
90Santa Fe AirJohn H.$298,885.86
912nd Wind Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.Joe P.$298,642.50
92Russell's Heating & CoolingRocco C.$294,310.85
93Air SpecialtyJosh S.$293,966.47
94Weather CraftersThomas B.$291,772.40
95AirWorks Solutions, Inc.Steve G.$287,892.39
96Harris Air Service LLCJoshua C.$287,170.91
97Carleton Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd.Alfredo C.$283,519.93
98AnonymousMatthew K.$280,439.68
99Dale's Heating & Air Inc.Eric B.$279,758.61
100Snyder's Plumbing and HeatingKyle S.$277,426.93

Comfort Consultants Rankings as of 7/31/2019

RankingContractorComfort ConsultantRevenue
1George BrazilKen B.$1,148,084.00
2Climate Control Heating & Cooling IncTroy P.$976,973.00
3George BrazilMark S.$871,559.04
4George BrazilMike P.$828,128.39
5George BrazilJoe P.$826,855.88
6Kellam MechanicalRusty B.$771,793.00
7George BrazilCory P.$744,082.27
8Modern Heating and Air ConditioningMatthew S.$712,618.72
9McCoys Heating & Air Inc.Scotty P.$672,170.00
10Mitchell Itak, Inc.Paul M.$661,312.08
11Russell's Heating & CoolingCorey L.$650,589.00
12Art Newsome, Inc.Jim M.$587,643.00
13Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning CompanyZack T.$560,013.00
14Maddox Air and ElectricalJason A.$527,610.17
15Russell's Heating & CoolingNate P.$521,392.00
16Nuccio Heating & Air ConditioningTony F.$443,000.00
17Jackson and Foster Heating & AirAllen D.$442,680.58
18Universal Heating & Cooling Inc.Kerry C.$380,256.00
19Kale Heating & Air ConditioningSteve M.$379,815.00
20Wally Falke's Heating and Air ConditioningTim F.$358,745.00
21Nuccio Heating & Air ConditioningKarl G.$354,518.00
22Two AmigosEddie S.$279,336.53
23George BrazilD. D.$253,970.90
24Patrick RileyAlyx L.$206,502.91
25Mack Morris Heating & Air ConditioningMatt S.$85,576.00
26Hopkins Air ConditioningPhil A.$25,653.00
27Russell's Heating & CoolingBrad W.$21,529.00

Plumber Rankings as of 7/31/2019

1Russell's Heating & CoolingJason M.$264,365.57
2Patrick RileyFrank W.$258,779.50
3Russell's Heating & CoolingGrant S.$195,028.23
4Russell's Heating & CoolingAlex B.$164,156.10
5Patrick RileyFreddy P.$137,854.65
6Patrick RileyRon A.$51,423.78

Rankings will be updated monthly. Please contact cbriner@sbeodyssey.com if you have any questions or need corrections.