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Owner/Manager Boot Camp

Discover and Leverage your “Owner/Manager” Capabilities

Why attend?

Most contractors know how to work and get stuff done when it comes to working in the field. However, most contractors don’t know what to work on in the business, and have a hard time making progress when it comes to “Owner and/or Manager” related responsibilities.

In this Boot Camp, learn how to:

Take command of your business

Give yourself the tools and resources you need to adapt, adjust, and evolve

Create a Culture that Inspires and Motivates Positive Action

Take the mystery out of how to get stuff done

What You Get

Round Table Break-out Sessions with George Brazil Leadership

VP of Sales Evaluation & Sales Manager Evaluations (for managers)Leverage your strengths and minimize your weaknesses

SBE Business Evaluation – Much like the OMG evaluation, we show you how to use your SBE evaluation to discover strengths and weaknesses within your business.

How to Build a “Living” Business Plan – Using the SBE Evaluation, we show you how we use this critical information to make quality decisions and adapt, adjust, and evolve.

How to Create a Positive Culture – Strategy gets lost in a bad culture. Culture eats strategy every time. If the culture isn’t right, everything is wrong.

How to Get Stuff Done – This may be one of the most important concepts you learn all year.

Who can attend?

Owners, Managers, Key Personnel