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Owner/Manager Track

Who Should Attend

Owners, Managers, Key Personnel

What You Will Cover

Break-out Descriptions

3-Day Program

• Vision & Goals – How to accomplish more in 1 year than you accomplished in the past 10
• NEW Service Process – Becoming a Trusted Advisor
• Leadership & Coaching by Department
• Town Hall with George Brazil HVAC Managers
• Understanding Break-even and Pricing & Compensation
• Mastermind Peer Groups

Vision & Goals – This deep dive into goal setting and vision helps you “make what’s most important, most important,” by putting all your most important goals on paper. Leave with a Vision Board to share with your family and friends and use as a reminder all year long to stay focused on what’s most important!

NEW Service Process – Becoming a Trusted Advisor – Learn how George Brazil HVAC is increasing average maintenance calls from $150 to $450+ by becoming trusted advisors and earning the right to quote.

Leadership & Coaching by Department – The #1 problem in business is communication. We help you build a structure that maintains open lines of communication, resolves conflicts, and helps you consistently communicate in a positive manner while still holding everyone in the business accountable for results. It takes happy workers to make happy customers, and that demands outstanding leadership!

Town Hall with George Brazil HVAC Managers – Bring all your toughest and most pressing challenges. In this room full of leaders from across the country and our HVAC business in Phoenix, we solve all the world’s problems (or we at least let you know you’re not alone and make those problems less painful).

Understanding Break-even and Pricing & Compensation – Businesses fail for one reason and one reason only, they run out of cash. In almost all cases, not understanding what goes into pricing or how to calculate productivity was the problem. This class will eliminate the guessing. You will come away understanding exactly what you need to charge per hour and why, and how to measure productivity for a profitable service business. In addition, learn how to use pricing and compensation to get your customers to buy, get your team to sell at a higher margin, and put cash in the bank.

Mastermind Peer Groups – One of the greatest benefits of coming to the Super Conference is connecting with other contractors like yourself. These NEW Mastermind Groups give you and your team an opportunity to compare notes with contractors (like you) with similar situations and challenges. Take this step in moving us toward collectively tackling the biggest challenges in our industry – together.