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Technician/Comfort Consultant Track

Who Should Attend

Service Technicians, Comfort Consultants, Owners/Managers that want a deeper dive in the Sales/Service Process

What You Will Cover

Break-out Descriptions

3-Day Program

• Vision & Goals – How to accomplish more in 1 year than you accomplished in the past 10
• NEW Service Process – Becoming a Trusted Advisor
• Advanced Pendulum Theory
• Advanced Questioning Strategies
• Advanced Qualifying/Bracketing
• Practice Becoming a Trusted Advisor
• Selling Scenarios

Vision & Goals – This deep dive into goal setting and vision helps you “make what’s most important, most important,” by putting all your most important goals on paper. Leave with a Vision Board to share with your family and friends and use as a reminder all year long to stay focused on what’s most important!

NEW Service Process – Becoming a Trusted Advisor – Learn how George Brazil HVAC is increasing average maintenance calls from $150 to $450+ by becoming trusted advisors and earning the right to quote.

Advanced Pendulum Theory – You have seen it a hundred times. You might even think you know how to do it already. But nothing on earth could prepare you for how awesome this deep dive into the pendulum will be. Where am I on the pendulum, right now?

Advanced Questioning Strategies – Leave this intense interactive no holds barred, deep dive into questioning strategies with bullet proof responses to your most challenging customer interactions.

Advanced Qualifying/Bracketing – When you use the qualifier competency effectively, you shorten sales cycle and avoid put offs. Leave this session with a new perspective how to qualify your customers, how to use bracketing to get them to open up, and help customers get everything they want.

Practice Becoming a Trusted Advisor – Take our new process to the next level and practice the key components of the process through role-playing.

Selling Scenarios – This class puts it all together. We covered the skills and tools in day 1 and 2. Now we go to work and make sure every new discovery from this super conference stays permanently embedded into your memory. We designed the open selling scenario as a polarizing event – unforgettable, inspiring, and fun.